Wladimir Schepansky

Canadian Listed Artist: 1895-1985
Oil on Canvas - ca. 1960
Signed by the Artist
Maple Sugar Time
H: 16 in. by W: 20 in.





Vladimir Schepansky


Wladimir Schepansky


Wladimir SchepanskyWladimir was born in Poland and studied art at the Imperial Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. He lived in Finland, Sweden and Paris, France where he won many prizes for his artwork; he eventually immigrated to Montreal in 1948.

Working in oil, his subjects included Montreal streetscapes, buildings and landscapes and he worked in several styles depending on the subject matter. He also designed theatre sets and ballet costumes while living in Paris.

Wladimir exhibited and sold his works in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Paris and had been an active artist and had many showings throughout Canada over the years.

His work is of very high quality, with his own unique painting style and is sought after by art collectors in both North America and Europe.


He resided in Ste-Adèle, Quebec and passed away in 1985.

Painting Ref No: 6AUMX09EB-S/TAEEX

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