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Updated November 15, 2022

Carl Henry Ahrens - “Cattle by the Forest"
Frederick G. Banting - “A Quaint Village"
Monique Bédard - “Guides Par La Musique”
Clare Bice - “The Delicate Screen"
Alan Brookman Beddoe - “The Cottage"
Harry Britton - “Autumn Landscape”
James J. Blomfield - "Enchanted Pool"
James J. Blomfield - “Quiet Waters”
Robert Boucher - "Basse Ville Quebec"
Robert Lee Chadwick - "Gloucester"
Rod Charlesworth - "Those Canucks!"
Thomas Chatfield - "Warm Winter Sun"
Edith Grace Coombs - "Chicken Feed"
Edith Grace Coombs - “Ontario Trilliums”
Elford Bradley Cox - "Bronze Beaver"
Elford Bradley Cox - "Cross-Legged Girl"
Frederick S. Coburn - "Horses in Winter"
Ernest Alfred Dalton - "Valley Stream"
Lucien De Dual - "Sundown Val David"
William De Garthe - "Peggy's Cove"
Adrian Dingle - "Autumn Leaves"
Adrian Dingle - "With Strings Attached"
Adrian Dingle - "Return to Folly Cove"
Adrian Dingle - "Loch Long, Scotland"
Adrian Dingle - "Net Frame"
Alistair Drysdale - "North Pond Brook"
Arthur A. Drummond - "March Cactus"
Walter R. Duff - "The Black Forests"
Maria H. Eaton - "Town Cottages"
Maria H. Eaton - "Quaint Village"
Douglas Ferguson Elliott - "The Grotto"
Douglas Ferguson Elliott - "Winterlude"
Douglas Ferguson Elliott - "Schooldays"
Douglas Ferguson Elliott - "Fish Stage"
Robert E. Everett - "Panorama"
Robert E. Everett - "Autumn Pastoral"
Robert E. Everett - "Muldrew Lake"
Robert E. Everett - "Autumn Leaves"
Robert E. Everett - "Rail Fence Winter"
Robert E. Everett - "Autumn Ritches"
Robert E. Everett - "Beaver Meadow"
Robert E. Everett - "Winter Sundown"
Marcel Fecteau - "Quebec Mountains"
Dick Ferrier - "Spring Run-Off Haliburton"
Remie E. Genest - "Downtown Scene"
Clifton Wellington Greer - "Winter Snow"
Clifton Wellington Greer - "Birches"
Clifton Wellington Greer - "Birch Pattern"
Wilfred F. Griffiths - "Winter Sunset"
Frederick Stanley Haines
Ann Alexandra Harbuz - "Kids Singing"
Maurice Hall Haycock - "Misty April"
William (Bill) Hartman - "Thornbury Mill"
Hilton Hassell - "March Trout Stream"
James Henderson - "Qu'Appelle Valley"
W. J. Hopkinson - "Garage Bracebridge"
W. J. Hopkinson - "Winter Bracebridge"
W. J. Hopkinson - "Winter"
W. J. Hopkinson - "Winterlude"
W. J. Hopkinson - "Sheaves in Autumn"
Edith Hoyt - "Laurentian, St. Urbain"
Geneva A. Jackson - "Simon River"
Geneva A. Jackson - "Molsons Mountain"
Naomi Jackson - "St. Sauveur int Hill 70"
Frank Hans Johnston - "Sculpted Beaver"
Joyce Kellock - "Kids on the Pond"
Robert G. Kemp - "October in Shelbourne"
Robert G. Kemp - "Shadows in heavy fall"
Robert G. Kemp - "The East Wind"
Robert G. Kemp - "The Storage Shed"
Illingworth Kerr - "Swamp at Night"
Illingworth Kerr - "Maple & Spruce"


Lila McGillivray Knowles - "The Bathers"
George A. Kulmala - "Gathering Firewood"
Jean-Paul LaPointe - "Village in Snow"
Jean-Paul LaPointe - "Quebec Sky"
Jane Corbus Luke - "Summer Streetscape"
Jane Corbus Luke - "Streetscape"
Tom Mathews - "Landscape Motif"
Harold O. McAvoy - "Cedar Croft"
James McCorkindale - "Laurentian Winter"
James McCorkindale - "Magnificent Floral"
Lillian McGeoch - "A Bit of Canadiana"
Lillian McGeoch - "Annette St. Backyards"
Lillian McGeoch - "Bloor and Church St."
Lillian McGeoch - "Houses & Backyards"
Lillian McGeoch - "Sugar Bush"
Tom Mathews - "Landscape Motif'"
Bruce Mitchell - "Logging in Quebec"
Bruce Mitchell - "Going Home"
Thomas Wilberforce Mitchell - "Cottage"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Selection of Works"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Mt. Tremblant"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Special pair"
Willard M. Mitchell - "After Coburn"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Habitant Homes"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Logging in Quebec"
Willard M. Mitchell - "St. Amable Street"
Willard M. Mitchell - "St. Vincent Street"
Willard M. Mitchell - "A Moorish Mosque"
Willard M. Mitchell - "Percé Beach"
Julian Mulock - "St. James Church Yard"
Françoise Pagnuelo - "Hills Sainte-Adèle"
Lawrence Panton - "Morning Harbour"
Gordon E. Payne - "Gloucester Harbour"
Harold S. Pfeiffer - "Bahamian Man"
Otto Planding- "Haliburton"
Gaston Rebry - "Snow in the Hills"
John Barrie Rennie - "Nicotiana"
Tom Roberts - "Silver Creek Falls"
Wladimir Schepansky - "Sugar Time"
Wladimir Schepansky - "Old Montreal"
Peter Sheppard - "Tugboats In Harbour"
Peter Clapham Sheppard - "Mill Spillway"
Gary Peter Slipper - "Girl"
Oswald Stacey - "Birches at Palgrave"
Oswald Stacey - "Spring Credit River"
Oswald Stacey - "Toward Ile aux Coudre"
Oswald Stacey - "The Red Tree"
Tom Stone - "The Favourite"
Tom Stone - "Winter Sunrise"
Tom Stone - "Snow Laden Spruce"
Miyuki Tanobe - "Sur la Patinoire"
George Thomson - "A Gentle Rain"
George Thomson - "Georgian Bay"
George Thomson - "The Sun's Pathway"
George Thomson - "A Secluded Home"
Foto Spiro Tomev - "The Verdant Pool"
Toronto Art League - "Calendar 1901"
Venie" Vabalis - "Floral bouquet"
Horace V. Vick - "Beaver Valley Farm"
Horace V. Vick - "Keffer's Creek"
Horace V. Vick - "Winter Beaver Valley"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Sheep Grazing"
Dorothy Wilma Wardell - "The Farm"
John Stanley Walsh - "Rue Vinet"
William Winter - "Daisies"
William Arthur Winter - "Joan"
William Arthur Winter -"Rose Carnation"
William Arthur Winter - "Schooldays"
Arto Yuzbasiyan - "Kensington Market"

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