18th C. Compendious Dictionary

1795 Set of Books Title

1. Compendious Geographical Dictionary of a Concise Description of the Most Remarkable Places, Ancient and Modern, in Europe, Asia, Africa & America. Complete with seven folding maps specially engraved for this Geographical Dictionary, expertly accented with watercolour and in excellent condition. 1) The World (1795) 2) The Solar System 3) Africa 4) South America 5) North America 6) Asia 7) Europe.
Printed for W. Peacock – 1795.

2. A New Biographical Dictionary: Containing a Brief Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons and Remarkable Characters in Every Age and Nation. The Second Edition, Corrected with considerable additions and Improvements.
Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, J. Scatcherd and E. Newbery - 1796.

3. A Dictionary of the English Language, with an Alphabetical account of the Heathen Deities and a list of the Cities, Towns, Boroughs and remarkable Villages in England and Wales. To which is prefixed A Comprehensive View of English Grammar. The fifth edition with considerable Additions and Improvements.
Printed for W. Peacock – 1797.

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Please Take Note: This three book set is encased in its original box which does show some nominal wear for its age of over two centuries. Plus...
* The books are odour-free other than the sweet scent of aged 200 year old hand made paper.
* The external condition of all volumes is very good. Some slight wear on top edges, no fraying.
* The internal condition of all volumes is in astonishingly near pristine and unused condition.
* The books are odour-free other than the sweet scent of aged 200 year old hand made paper.
* All books have all their original edges intact.

Dictionary Full Set and Box

These three volumes, each measuring 5 ¼" x 3", are uniformly bound in straight-grained cherry-red moroccan leather with ornate gilt tooled spine labeling. In addition, this lovely condition set is housed in the original moroccan leather covered "Gentlemen's Box" which is decorated in gilt with designs matching those on the spines of each volume. A very expensive and marvellously produced set in its day.

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