Toronto Art League 1901 Calendar

Toronto Art League Calendar 1901 Title

* Calendar Size: w: 8.25 in. by h: 10.25 in..
* Flaws: .5" by .5" missing bit of surface paper on the front cover top right. See 1st photo.
* Produced for: The Toronto Art League, calendar for 1901.
* Binding: String bound and intact with no breaks..
* Age & Condition: Printed in 1900 with the interior pages blemish free & without tears.
* Produced by: Calendar was published by George N. Morang & Co. Toronto.

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Note of Interest: There are twenty-four lithographs by prominent Canadian Artists featured in this Rare Toronto Art League Calendar for the year 1901 - they include artists: R. Weir Crouch, R. Holmes, D. F. Thomson, F. H. Brigden, C. W. Jefferys, Charles MacDonald Manley, T. Garland Greene, W. W. Alexander, A. H. Howard, and W. D. Blatchly. Everyone of these lithographs illustrate some phases of Canadian Village Life at the turn of the last century.

This is indeed a very scarce item that is in very good condition inside, with the cover showing minor handling wear and one missing bit of paper on the upper right corner. There is a complete example of this piece of art from Queen's University Library on their Internet Archive, and can be viewed on the Digital Library link below:

Click here to see the entire calendar in its entirety one page at a time. 

Toronto Art League Calendar 1

Front Cover

Toronto Art League Calendar 2

Back Cover

Toronto Art League Calendar 3

Front 1st Page

Toronto Art League Calendar 4

Center Page

Toronto Art League Calendar 5

Back Inside Last Page

Toronto Art League Calendar 6

January 1901

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