1880 Tradesman's Demonstrator Dresser

Tradesman's Demonstrator Dresser Title

  * Original Old Varnished Surface: In fine operational condition with miniscule signs of wear.
  * Constucted Of: North American black walnut with solid tiger birch secondary wood.
  * Turned Brass Knobs, Original to this dresser.
  * * Styling: Country Empire with Curled Bun Foot, late 19th century design.
  * Construction type: Lap and butt joint construction throughout with period nails.
  * Overall Size: Max. heigth 19.5", Max. Width 13.75", Max. depth 7.75".
  * Heigth to Dresser Top: Heigth 11-3/8".
  * Graduated Drawer Heigths: Top: 1-15/16", Middle: 2-7/16", Bottom:2-15/16".
  * Graduated Drawer Widths: Top: 5-3/8", Middle: 11-1/4", Bottom: 11-1/4".
  * Original Mirror: Intact without any flaws or cracks.
  * Originates From: Southern Ontario circa 1890.

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Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser

Points of Interest: To people-in-the-know, this variety of antique miniature dresser is referred to as a Tradesman's Demonstrator, as opposed to the similar, but slightly smaller sized, Salesman's Sample, which would have been carried by a salesman within an individual carrying case. These 'demonstrators' were created by the furniture workshops and factories that produced the full size versions. In order to increase the appeal for this particular piece of furniture in a retail setting, the makers also used more expensive decorative figured wood interiors, such as with the 'tiger birch' interior displayed here. These 'Tradesman's demonstrators' were placed on display in retails shops, usually in hardware, furniture and drygoods shops to enhance sales for that particular furniture item.

Allowing the potential buyer to actually examine the full version in miniature, with all of its working parts, was a great aid to sales for many of the growing industrial furniture factories across southern Ontario and North America in the late 1800's. Unfortunately, the demise of these 'Tradesman demonstrators' was eventually brought about by continual advancements in the realm of printed advertising and catalogues and by the beginning of the 20th century they were surely "Going-the-way-of-the-Dodo".

When found today, you can be assured that an authentic antique Tradesman's Demonstrator "is as rare as 'hen's teeth", to use a mid-19th century American colloquialism. The fine speciman shown here has no signatures or notations anywhere on this dresser other than the numbering in pencil of each drawer on its outside back. This fact alone tells us that it wasn't created for personal home use nor to be given as a gift, but was specifically made with a distinct purpose in mind. That being, as a working furniture showroom display demonstrator.

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Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser 2

Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser Drawer

Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser Drawer Inside

Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser Bottom

Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser Back Top

Tradesman Demonstrator Dresser Back

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